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ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Jean Arthur and Lillian Roth

Joyce Murray

Barbara Kent

Barbara Nichols

Billie Dove

Janis Paige

Laurel and Hardy

Toby Wing


Shirley Temple.

Shirley Mason

Raquel Torres

Esther Williams

Marie Dressler and Polly Moran

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone :)

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Silents Are Golden...

Barbara La Marr

Agnes Ayres

Dorothy Sebastian

Claire Windsor

Aileen Pringle

Fannie Ward

Jacqueline Logan

Jane Novak

Katherine Macdonald

Kathleen Key

Leatrice Joy

Wanda Hawley

Lina Basquette

Lillian Gish

Mabel Normand

Madge Kennedy

Marguerite De La Motte

Mary Duncan

Mary Miles Minter


Patsy Ruth Miller

Phyllis Haver

Ruth Roland

Carmelita Geraghty



ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Lenore Ulric...


ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Jean Harlow...

“Underwear makes me uncomfortable and besides my parts have to breathe.”

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Beryl Wallace...

Earl Carroll's Vanities

In  January of 1948, Beryl's lover Earl Carroll added a codicil to his will.  It contained a clause indicating "accident or disaster," resulting in simultaneous deaths of Beryl and him. "It is my wish that after I and my beloved friend, Beryl Wallace, have departed this life, our remains shall be placed together in the final resting place which I have selected." In the event that the two of them die together, $50,000 of her inheritance is to be used for the memorial. The balance of her share is to be donated to the University of Southern California for the research of cancer in women. By this act, Carroll hopes to thank all of the women who gave him fame and fortune.  http://www.glamourgirlsofthesilverscreen.com/show/282/Beryl+Wallace/index.html

In June of that same year,Beryl died along with Earl when their plane hit a power line in Carmel, PA. and exploded. Beryl and Earl are buried together in the Garden of Memory at Forest Lawn in Glendale California.

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Virginia Grey...

"I'm a ghost in too many people's lives. Every time I see producer Hal Wallis he remembers that I acted with his wife, silent star Louise Fazenda. But he forgets I was only nine."

I read that  Virginia was a fine, wise-cracking second-lead or "B" movie leading lady, but was never given star-making roles because her somewhat brittle personality counteracted her soft, attractive features. All I know is, she was lover to both Clark Gable and Robert Taylor and that makes her my hero lol  :)


ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Marie Prevost...

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Barbara La Marr

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

Nancy Carroll...

Happy Halloween!!

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

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